Our Business

Produce & Develop

- We produce active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates that protect human health.
- We cultivate organic compounds imbued with unlimited functional possibilities.
- We develop health foods for the new era in the pursuit of human health and beauty.

System & Function

Research and development functions Our Technology Development Division, which engages in R&D functions, is in charge of the development of active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates, functional organic compounds and health foods by way of the constant incorporation of the latest synthesis and analytical technologies. Furthermore, this division takes on the important role of facilitating technology transfers to our manufacturing, quality assurance and quality control departments in order to smoothly implement newly developed methods and techniques on a plant-wide scale.

Manufacturing functions We manufacture high-quality products by harnessing original technologies and the latest equipment.
Shiratori Pharmaceutical has made full use of the methods of synthesis based primarily on chemical reactions and the methods of purification to manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates, experimental drugs, functional organic compounds, food additives, and more and forged a solid position for itself in the active pharmaceutical ingredients industry on the basis of its superior technologies.

Quality assurance system In order to enable high-quality products to be securely used, we have established and currently manage an advanced quality assurance system and strive to maintain and improve this system in accordance with our prescribed quality policies. This is because we believe that high-quality products that are provided by a superior quality assurance system can help promote human health and earn the unwavering trust of our clients.